Frequently Asked Questions

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Can Grow Advertising calculate how their services will develop my business?

Every business has different guidelines for success. Retailers may want to increase sales and people in the service industry would look at their number of leads. All savvy business owners will want to track their gains from all forms of advertising. Television is a great medium for advertising and your community profile.

Does Grow Advertising advertise on Direct TV or satellite television?

Direct broadcast satellite providers (DBS), send one signal out that is received by all their customers nationally. Local targeting seems to be a more cost effective option.

Are local businesses Grow Advertising’s main focus?

Most of our ads are intended for your local business. However we also partner with national companies and other advertising agencies to supply local media campaigns they might not have access to.

I am currently advertising on the internet, Why should I try television?

In our world today, television stands as the most influential form of marketing. Television will not only increase brand responsiveness but will often enhance the success of other forms of advertising you have utilized.

If I purchase an ad through Grow Advertising, can I negotiate my own airtime?

No. Purchasing an ad with us means that we discuss airtime rates with the networks.

Selecting and personalizing an ad

Can I evaluate my custom ad before it airs?

Yes, we will allow one set of revisions to your ad carefully examine your ad for any errors. Added revisions will be subject to a fee.

What if I want to advertise special offers and revise the spot after the special offer has expired?

We can customize any spot to fit your business needs. Your TV schedule can also be specialized to stop running as soon as your offer expires. You can pay the revision fee to re customize your spot for a broader campaign.

Can I transfer a certain component from one spot to be used in an ad produced by Grow Advertising?

Yes. We can customize any ad to fit your business. Call 800-273-6103 so we can process your request. A customization fee may apply, please see our FAQ under Customization for more information.

Can I decide what voice over I want for my ad?

Sure. We can customize any ad to fit your business requests. Call 800-273-6103 so we can process your request. A customization fee may apply, please see our FAQ under Customization for more information.

Is it possible for me to select my own music for the spot?

Yes. We can customize any ad to fit your business. Call 800-273-6103 so we can process your request. A customization fee may apply, please see our FAQ under Customization for more information. You must own the rights to any music you present. Call 800-273-6103 for details on rights.

Pricing and Billing

Is it possible to terminate a television schedule I have already bought?

No. An order may not be canceled once it has been submitted.

Is it possible to cancel an ad personalization following a purchase?

No. Once an order has been made we cannot cancel it. We can modify your ad for an additional fee or substitute your ad for another ad

Am I required to order online?

No. you are welcome to call us at 800-273-6103. However, being in front of a computer gives you an enhanced view of ads and schedules to help you decide.

Does Grow Advertising barter airtime or ad costs?

We do not barter services.

What is the cost of advertising with Grow Advertising?

An all inclusive campaign, from spot to airtime, runs as low as $1500. The two main costs are the commercial and the airtime. The smallest amount for a schedule is $1000 to produce a successful ad campaign.

Creating an Airtime Schedule

Is it possible to stop an airtime schedule following acquisition?

No. After an order has been processed we can not cancel it. Revisions can be made for an extra fee or we can substitute your ad for another.

Can I modify the daypart for a channel available in my media plan?

No. However you can set preferences. The information you provide allows us to select the most lucrative schedule for your business. If you have prior media planning experience call us and we will be more than happy to create a schedule with you.

Can I choose my demographic?

Yes. Please specify the gender and age of the customers you would like to reach with your media campaign. Include the product or service you are advertising so that we can suggest the most relevant networks and times.

Do I have the option of running a spot during certain TV line ups?

Yes. Call us at 800-273-6103 or set your preferences to match the times of day your spot will run. You can also specify channels you don’t want your commercial to run on.

Website Related

My internet browser won’t work with What browser will work?

Most PC’s work efficiently with Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Mac’s operate better with Mozilla Firefox or Safari. Difficulty viewing our website may be due to an outdated version of these browsers. Go to to upgrade your Internet Explorer browser. For Firefox go to

Is it necessary to install Flash?

To ensure that our website is running at an optimum level and to reduce loading times for our spots, we have changed all spot preview videos to flash. If you would like to view the ads we recommend that install the updated version of Flash, which is used by a majority of sites today.

It looks like your website has been altered since my last visit. What has changed?

Grow Advertising is continuously developing the website to enhance your customer experience. Changes are normal and necessary for growth and development. Let us know if you have any suggestions or comments, we always like to hear from you.