Online Advertising

In-Stream Video:

They are TV commercials that play on the web before, during or after a streaming video, animation, gaming or music video content. After 5 seconds, the viewer has the option to skip it, but you only pay when a viewer watches the whole video, or engages with your video by clicking on it, whichever comes first. In-Stream video ads allow you to geotarget specific audiences and demographics by interested, location, age, etc. making them very cost effective.


This is a clever way to connect with the visitors of your website, who may not have made an immediate purchase or enquiry. Re-marketing allows you to place targeted ads in front of an audience that has already visited your website, and are familiar with it, reinforcing the message of your ads, giving a potential customer another chance to check out your product of service. When a customer visits you website, they are tagged with a special cookie, allowing you to advertise to them online, and giving you another chance to cover them into a sale.


An online marketing tool that allows you to pay only when your ad is clicked. Adding Pay-Per-Click to your TV campaign will enable potential customers to search for your business online after they just saw your commercial on TV, providing a direct response tool.

Display Ads:

This kind of graphic ads encourage your potential audience to click on them, increasing the traffic to your website. These ads are often made up of text, graphics or video elements and served to a multitude of websites and search engines. You can geotarget the ads and/or select audiences, interested, keywords, topics, and even decide on the placement.

Packages starting at $500 per month

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