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Grow Advertising, along with cable companies, has developed a system to allow businesses to advertise on TV at a lower rate than ever before. Most cities in America are controlled by one cable company. Each company has divided their cities into subzones. Subzones allow your business to target just one area of your city, which makes TV advertising more affordable than ever before.

Now you can target nationally-known cable networks with your commercial airing only in a portion of your city. To viewers, it looks as if your TV spot is airing all over the city, state and even the nation, but you are only targeting – and paying for – the immediate area around your business.

Advertise On Television For Less Money

Commercial advertising is one of the best ways to expand your business. However, many small business owners are not aware that they can advertise on television affordably by airing TV commercials in a very targeted local market.

Benefits Of Commercial Advertising

Television advertising allows you to advertise to many people who are more difficult to reach through other outlets. Most people do not respond to internet advertising, and others simply do not spend much time on the internet.

Similarly, it can be difficult to reach people with print ads in an age when newspaper and magazine subscription are on the decline. TV advertising is a cost-effective way to reach a large audience in a desired market or demographic.

Best Practices For TV Advertising

The best way to get the most out of commercial advertising is to use a service like ours that will help you reach a specific market. We can help you advertise in a specific area — the subzone of your city where your business is located and most of your customers live.

You can also choose from several of the most popular cable channels for your tv ad to air on. Your Grow Advertising cable consultant can help you choose from the channels that are available for advertising in your area.

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Here are our Local and National airtime packages:

Local Airtime
per month

  • Average of $30 per local spot airing or lower
  • We recommend choosing 4-6 networks (see list below)
  • Spots to air from 6am to 12 midnight
  • Requires a 12-week commitment
  • Paid monthly
  • Some restrictions apply. Total spot count may vary by market. Speak to an ad agent for more details


National Airtime
$10,000 per month

  • Average of $500 per national spot airing
  • We recommend choosing 4-6 networks (see list below)
  • Spots to air from 6am to 12 midnight
  • Requires a 12-week commitment
  • Paid monthly
  • Some restrictions apply. Total spot count may vary by market. Speak to an ad agent for more details


Online Add Ons
10%-15% of your budget

We recommend spending an additional 10% to 15% of your TV budget in your online campaigns: In-Stream Video, Re-Marketing, Pay-Per-Click and Display Ads. The online presence reinforces the TV message greatly, and your potential customers will find a way to connect with you easier.


We offer additional custom services to go along with your TV campaign: Radio, Billboards, Online Campaigns, Social Media and OTT in local and/or national markets. Let us know your needs and we will create a custom campaign to fit your needs and your budget.

Limited budget? No problem. We have campaigns starting at $500 per month.

Channels to pick from*

Factors Affecting the Costs of TV Advertising

A TV commercial typically lasts 60 seconds or less, but a significant amount of time goes into it behind the scenes. Various pre-production, production, and post-production factors influence how much that spot costs, regardless of length. For instance, a 30-second TV commercial can be more expensive than one that’s 60 seconds if it requires more resources or is airing in an expensive slot. Grow Advertising can assist with your next TV commercial project and get it out to the masses. But first, let’s talk about a few of the expenses involved in making a commercial. 

Behind the Scenes Crew

The production assistant, lighting technician, producer, director, camera operator, and makeup artist are only some of the many parts of the behind-the-scenes crew of a TV commercial. All the people are essential for helping to pull everything together into a cohesive advertising campaign that will be seen by millions. 

On-Screen Talent

Let’s say you want to hire a famous actress known to walk red carpet events. Her rate for the commercial is higher than that of an actress just starting in the industry. Additionally, the cost of extras may vary depending on how many you hire. A famous male voiceover artist likely charges more for services than someone who has only had a few parts. As you can see, the cost of hiring on-screen talent for your commercial can vary considerably. 


What the talent wears can range from a basic T-shirt and jeans to formal wear. It all depends on the concept. As expected, haute couture typically costs more than generic leggings and a white tank top. Regardless of how much the wardrobe costs, it must fit well, look fantastic on camera, and resonate with your target audience. 


Renting one or more locations for the shoot is typically another big piece of the budget. The more desirable the location, the more it’s likely to cost. There may also be a minimum rental time involved. In that case, even if it takes only a week to film a scene at a locale with a 2-week minimum, you’re still paying for the remaining time. 

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