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Radio continues to be a strong advertising channel for business, because it can be accessed anywhere, anytime, by anybody, with or without subscription services. The social nature of radio and its powerful connection with its audience makes radio a great way to build brand awareness and stimulate digital activity. Radio is still a popular source of entertainment, particularly during those times of the day when individuals have limited use of the internet or access to a television. Driving ours, before and after work are always the most popular times.

Radio advertising costs vary greatly by location and the time of the day your radio ads will be running. To give you an idea of the cost, a 30-second radio ad in Portland (Oregon) would cost and average of $140, in San Antonio (Texas) around $80, in Salt Lake City (Utah) under $100, in Chicago (Illinois) between $300 and $400, and in national SIRIUS XM RADIO the cost for a 30-second spot could go anywhere from $150 to $500 depending on the radio channel (with weekly minimum budgets).

Packages starting at $3,000 per month in Local markets 

Packages starting at $20,000 per month in National markets

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